UWM Scholarships For International Students

Studying in a foreign country is still a dream for many international students, but it is very important to know that this dream comes with a high price. Scholarships are perhaps one of the most important means of pursuing education in a foreign country especially for the international students for the United States.

If you are a prospective student intending to join a university higher learning institution specifically targeting the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee commonly known as UWM, then you are on the right platform.


The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee provides students with several scholarships hence making it easier for international students to get scholarships and get quality education at an affordable price.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Scholarships for International Students

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee UWM is aware of the difficulties that the International students go through and therefore it strives to reach out to everyone making education affordable. Apart from these, the university also has general and specific scholarships for international students mainly on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Global Excellence Award

The most sought scholarship is the Global Excellence Award. This scholarship is available for the all new international freshmen and transfer students with merit base. The award ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 per year for freshmen and can be renewed up to four years while for transfer student it can be renewed up to two years.


International Student Grant

Another noteworthy scholarship is the International Student Grant. This kind of grant is awarded based on need and it is provided to both undergraduate and also postgraduate international students. The amount awarded depends on the student’s need and the availability of the scholarship funds.

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Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award

The Chancellor’s Graduate Student Award is available for graduate students at UWM. This is a merit based scholars competitive scholarship that entails full tuition for the entire year. It is great chance for the best international graduate students to continue their studies without regarding the tuition fees.

How Can I Apply for a Graduate Assistantship?

International Students can also fund their education at UWM by competing for the available Graduate assistantships positions. These jobs also help support you financially while also offering practical professional experience in your area of academic focus.


Below are the steps on how to apply for a graduate assistantship:

  1. First of all, one has to be accepted at a graduate school, at UWM in this case. Ensure that you have complied with all the set admission requirements and should submit your application in time.
  2. After enrollment in the specific course, feel free to contact the graduate program coordinator of your department. They can help you being informed about the assistantships that are available for your area of specialization.
  3. Ensure you have a good resume, your marks sheet, and cover letter where you explain why you want to join a certain assistantship.
  4. Certain departments may have additional documents that may be expected from applicants like writing samples or letters of recommendation. It is also important to enquire about the requirements indispensable for work.
  5. Make sure that you fill your application form before the set date for the different departments. Ideally, one should apply in the earliest time possible since assistantship positions are very much sought after.
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It is important to remember, however, that getting an assistantship is by no means a done deal; however, making sure one’s application package is well-thought through will definitely help.

What’s the Cost of Living in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is the largest city situated in Wisconsin and the overall cost of living here is quite reasonable when compared to other large metropolis in USA. This is a relief to most international students, especially those who usually operate on a very limited budget.

  • The general cost normally fluctuates between $800 to $1200 per month, depending on the type of accommodation provided, whether the accomodation is on-campus, or off campus, and whether the individual will be sharing the house with other people. Living on campus is usually more costly although the utility bills are already factored in, and it is also closer to all learning amenities especially for first-year internationals.
  • The food budget can be $200 to $400 per month depending on your diet and if you are consuming home cooked food or fast foods. Actually, it is cheaper to prepare one’s meals as compared to purchasing meals from restaurants.
  • Transport cost are not very expensive when compared to other cities in Milwaukee. Students of UWM get a U-PASS that enables them to use Milwaukee County Transit System buses throughout without charge. If you wish to have a car, then calculate the amounts that would be spent on parking fee, insurance, and fuel.
  • Other costs may include required international student health insurance, books and supplies, personal expenses. Therefore, overall expenses for a Milwaukee resident should be estimated to be within the range of $1,500 to $2,000 monthly.
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When Is the Application Deadline?

The application deadlines in UWM differ depending on the program you are applying to and the semester of the year you are applying in. However, one needs to verify the particular deadlines concerning the desired program in UWM or in the page of admission.

In general, for the students who are accepted in the first semester or in the first year of the program, the deadline for the application is approximately on the first of May for the international applicants. For the admissions in spring sessions, when students begin in January, the deadline is generally October 1.

However, if you are seeking scholarships or assistantships, you would like to submit your application much earlier. The majority of the scholarships have their due dates between December and February of the next academic year.

The best way to go about it is to submit the application as soon as possible. It also elevates your likelihood and capacity to be granted for the scholarships and also gives additional time to apply for the visa and other necessary requirements before moving to Milwaukee.


Best of luck with your application!



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Study Masters In Canada With Scholarship For International Students

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