Harvard University: Online Courses To Register

Harvard University, considered one of the leading universities in the world, has embraced online education for students globally. Some of Harvard’s excellent quality courses are now available online and therefore one does not need to travel to Harvard again to attend these courses.

In this article, I’ve highlighted and only few free Harvard online courses you can enroll in, why they are useful and how to enroll. These courses are designed for both the learner who wants to satisfy his or her intellectual curiosity and the learner who wants to upgrade his or her knowledge and develop skills with the help of Harvard professors.



Free Harvard University Online Courses

Here is an overview of the free online courses offered by the Havard University:



1. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

Have you ever asked yourself how does a computer function, or do you have a desire to design your own application? Say CS50 to yourself— and you’re on the road to being a computer scientist. This course starts with the ideas of algorithms and only introduces the spectrum of data structures. It will prepare you for languages such as C, Python, and Java Script, it will also provide you with practical experience in the creation of web applications. Do not panic if you barely know how to use a mouse because the course is structured in a way that will start from scratch. At the end, you will be surprised by the amount of knowledge you have gained and the extent of your capabilities.


2. Data Science: Productivity Tools

Finding out how to work with and process information is essential in the modern society that is filled with data. This course provides you with the basic instruments for data science. The process will introduce you to R, probably the most widely used programming language in statistics and data analysis.

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Some of the topics in the course include data manipulation and cleaning, data visualization, and some fundamental ideas about statistics. You will master RStudio, generate great looking’ graphs, and manipulate data as you wish. This is a great start and a good foundation regardless of whether you’re looking to become a data scientist or simply improve your analytical thinking skills.


3. Introduction to Philosophy

Are you prepared to become a philosopher and contemplate the meaning of life? This course guides you through the basic principles of philosophy, which are established throughout the course. You will look at concepts that ranged from the early Greek philosophers of the pre-Socratic period to the latest post-modern thinkers. The course deals with problems such as “What is the meaning of life?” and “How do we know the things we know?”: you will develop the critical thinking abilities, the skills of arguments evaluation, and perspectives’ perceiving. This simply means that going out for book shopping is a mind-opening affair that will help you to have a different perspective of yourself and the environment you live in.


4. Justice

What’s fair? What’s right? These are the questions that form the premise of the Justice course. This course is undertaken by acclaimed professor Michael Sandel and focuses on moral and political philosophy. You will deal with realistic ethical issues and review various types of justice. The course also centers on current issues such as the affirmative action, same-sex marriages and the position of markets. You will become capable to state your opinions, to appreciate the opinion of other people, and to ponder over the presumptions that should inspire our society.

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University Of Harvard Online Courses Benefits

Harvard online course is like having a piece of Harvard education right on your plate, as the saying goes. It is an education from world-class professors and ideas of the world that will help students succeed.

These courses can enrich your resume; make you more attractive in the eyes of employers or when applying for other studies. It also helps you try out new topics you haven’t taken before or strengthen your learning area that you are interested in.

Online learning is very flexible so you can attend your classes at your own convenient, while continuing with your working or other activities. You also engaged with people from the rest of the world, meaning you are part of a big global community of learners. Furthermore, people who manage to pass a course are awarded a certificate – a real sign of accomplishment.


How To Register For These Free Courses?

Normally, it is easy to enroll for Harvard’s free online classes and anyone with an internet connection can easily do so. Here is the guide and follow the step by step procedures given below to get started:

  1. Visit the edX website: Harvard has most of its online classes on edX, an LMS that was developed jointly by Harvard and MIT. Go to to begin.
  2. Create an account: If you are a first time user of edX then you will be required to make an account with the portal. Go to the next page and press the “Sign Up” button and enter your information.
  3. Search for Harvard courses: You can use the search bar or go to HarvardX to find what courses are currently available.
  4. Choose your course: Once you have identified a course you want to take, hover your cursor over the course and a drop down box will appear with the course description, syllabus and other relevant information.
  5. Enroll in the course: You will find the “Enroll” button on the course page. Typically, there are two choices – a free audit trail and a paid verified one. If you do not require a certificate, then go for the free one.
  6. Start learning: Again, once you are enrolled you will access the course content and proceeding to do the work that is required. In respect to this, some of the courses have their start dates while others have no specific start dates at all.
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Here are the links to register for some popular free Harvard University courses:

If you want to explore more options, you can browse all HarvardX courses on edX using this link:


Just a reminder that although these courses are available to be audited without any charge, if you wish to be issued a certificate, then you have to pay for it. In the given free edition, all the in-course content such as lectures, readings, and some assignments and quizzes are made available.

Find time for study sessions and ensure that you participate in the course forums, and ensure that you consult with other learners or course staff if need be. If you are dedicated and curious enough, then you are going to find so much that you can learn through these Harvard online courses.

Have fun and happy learning, welcome to the world of Ivy League education at the comfort of your home.


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