Job Search Websites In Canada For Foreigners

Looking for the Job Search Websites in Canada for Foreigners? Finding a job in the new country is always a challenge, especially if you have little idea about the available opportunities. If you are a foreigner interested in getting a job in Canada then you are in the right place.

There are vast jobs opportunities for the foreign skilled worker in the Great White North. To begin your search for a job, there are several job search websites available on the internet that can provide you leads.


Now let us understand how these platforms can be used to the fullest to help you land your desired job in Canada.

Introduction To Using Job Search Websites In Canada

Job search websites are web-based marketplaces where employers advertise their vacancy and where applicants can find and apply to vacancies. These sites are a rich source of employment where starting from the blue collar jobs to the white color jobs can be availed with ease. These websites are useful to foreigners who want to work in Canada as they may help them to get acquainted with the situation on the Canadian job market and to find the suitable job offers.

1. Getting Started

It is important that before you start to apply for a job, you should spend some time preparing for it. You may need to update your resume and align it to the Canadian format. This often entails it being brief (1-2 pages), focusing on matching skills/experiences to the job or project, and using correct Canadian spelling. Also, see to it that you have a good and well-engaging cover letter template that you can use in applying to any company.


Second, search the job market in Canada. Learn which areas are among the most popular ones and in which occupation you could apply your abilities. This knowledge will make you able to direct your search and enhance your success rate out of the search mechanism greatly.

2. Job Search Websites

Now that you are ready let’s get to it and search for jobs online using job search websites. These platforms enable the user to look for jobs depending on the location, the industry, the title or the salary to be offered. Some also allow the user to create a profile on which s/he can upload their resume and also get to set a notification on certain jobs.

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However, when using such sites, it is important to search using appropriate keywords to get the best results. Consider other possible names of position that would fell into your expertise and knowledge. For instance, if you are a marketing expert, you could use “marketing specialist, ” digital marketer, or brand manager.


3. Applying for Jobs

Now that you’ve got your list of potential jobs, it’s time to apply. You need to read each job description thoroughly and then write your application in a manner that will show you merit the job by matching the employer’s requirements with your qualifications.

Most group job search sites enable you to apply directly on the site or through the job board. Others might refer you to the website of the company. In any case, it is crucial to stick to the application guidelines provided for the respective application. If the employer says that you should submit a cover letter, ensure that the letter is special and it is tailored for the position.

4. Stay Organized

Looking for job can be a very tiring effort if one is not well organized. Record the companies to which you have applied listing the company name, position name, date of submission, and follow up if any.

You need to organize the applications and it can be efficiently done using a spreadsheet or a job search app. This will assist you in keeping track of the follow-ups and due dates for submission of different jobs and you will not apply for the same job through different accounts.

5. Networking

Although it is very useful to come across different job search websites available don’t overlook the power of networking. Typically, a large number of vacancies in Canada are not advertised through official channels but through word of mouth. Take advantage of the so called world of social networking especially through site such as linked in in reaching professionals of your field in Canada. You should become member of groups where your target audience is, engage them in conversations, and do not hesitate to contact those people to ask some questions.

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Of course, do not overlook job listing sites or local job boards, or try to find local job fairs or other industry events. These can also be good chances to find potential employers and get more information on employment in Canada.

Best Job Search Websites In Canada For Foreigners

The following are the most popular job search websites you should take some time and browse through:

Indeed Canada

Undeniably, Indeed is among the most popular platforms for searching job vacancies in Canada. It offers a compilation of the advertisements picked from other relevant sources such as the company’s website and other job portals.

Indeed allows you to search jobs by location, and search within certain salaries, types of jobs, etc. In addition, Indeed also enables the uploading of your resume and the direct sending of an application to many jobs.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a platform that merges direct recruitment and employment opportunities with the ability to connect with people in the same industry.

Employers in Canada often use LinkedIn to advertise their vacancies directly. It is similar to an online resume and in many cases does the application process with a click of a button. It is also highly efficient for investigations of companies for possible collaboration and interaction with future teammates.


This is actually the official Canadian government employment site. It’s also useful for job seekers to find any type of employment in various locations throughout the country, including more localized regions such as small towns or rural areas.


Workopolis is an online job search that is currently popular in Canada that offers many positions. It has a clean and simple design, it also provides such handy tools as Salaries and Reviews sections.

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Monster Canada

Monster is one of the largest job search services in the world and its Canadian branch also proved to have a database of vacancies. It also gives job tips, resume writing, and even salary details.

Glassdoor Canada 

Glassdoor provides job listings, company reviews and salary insights, as well as tips on interviews. It proves useful in researching the firm one is interested in working for, as there are reviews from current or past employees.


Eluta is committed to providing job information from Canada’s highest employers. It is especially helpful as a format when you are searching for jobs in reputable companies.

CareerBuilder Canada 

Career Builder is another International site with a major presence in Canada that provides various resources to assist in the employment search.


WowJobs is also an umbrella site for Canadian jobs where users can search for jobs posted in other Canada based job search sites. The interface is quite consolidated and intuitive and it even lets you to store searches to perform the same again and also lets you set up alerts.


Jobboom is particularly beneficial for employment opportunities that are within regions of Quebec and other French speaking regions in Canada. It provides bilingual jobs and it is a popular website among many employers in Quebec.

Final Thoughts

Just keep in mind that getting a job if you are a foreigner in Canada can sometimes be a challenging task and can sometimes require a lot of time and patience. That being said, do not not get frustrated if you do not receive an immediate response. You should continuely improve your strategy, develop or modify your application and make more contacts.

And by so doing, and with the right tools and commitment, you will be on your way to getting the right job in Canada. Wishing you the best of luck with your job hunt!


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