Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Life as a truck driver in Canada is said to have its rewards as well as stress factors. Just imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of a truck, driving through beautiful roads with beautiful country sceneries and delivering products over long distances. Well, here is what is even more interesting. The trucking industry can be considered as one of the most relevant in the Canadian economy and jobs for truck drivers are rather popular.

This will imply that if one is conversant with how to drive a truck and has the certifications, then getting a job in Canada is relatively easy. Nevertheless, there are some important things that you should be aware of and we would like to suggest you to read this article till the end.


Truck Drivers in Canada: Their Roles and Responsibilities

Job Description

Truck drivers spend their days and nights on wheels moving goods from one place to another; however, it is much more than that. These pros are employed to use large trucks and in most cases these are trucks that can weigh up to issues that are 80,000 pounds when loaded. They are not only drivers; they are efficient processors of information that concern logistics, chronologists, and commanders of the highways.


Well, one might think that people who drive trucks have rather interesting work as they view the world passing by them. A job that has in equal measure dozens of imperative duties on the line. Here is what you can anticipate:

  • Safe vehicle operation: This, you may bet your boots, is job one. Truck drivers must maneuver through highways and back roads, daylight and at night, sleet and snow and do all of this without endangering their truck and other vehicles on the road.
  • Loading and unloading: At other times, the driver has to also assist with the moving of some goods. This can mean operating forklifts or other equipment , thus, increasing the employ-ability of the worker.
  • Route planning: They provide efficient delivery services, which enables delivery of goods as and when they are required by customers. Drivers themselves are free to choose their own routs depending on such circumstances as traffic jams, road constructions, and bad weather.
  • Vehicle maintenance: There is always a requirement for basic maintenance and daily checkup as part of the job. This is because small matters that might be hard to detect on the initial stages may end up costing the organization a lot of money in the future.
  • Paperwork and documentation: No matter where you are and what you are doing, there is always heaps of paper work that awaits you.
  • Customer service: Communication skills are very important as many drivers communicate with the clients they are working for.
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Types Of Truck Driver Jobs In Canada

Trucking companies in Canada provide employment opportunities across the sector depending on one’s choice and qualifications:

  1. Long-haul drivers: These are long distance travelers who may cross province or international frontiers most frequently.
  2. Regional drivers: They are usually employed in a certain sphere, thus they can have more stable schedules and, therefore, more often stay at home.
  3. Local delivery drivers: Ideal for people who like to wake up in their own beds every morning.
  4. Specialized transport: Some of the drivers are specialised in carrying some types of products like hazardous goods and bulky products respectively.
  5. Owner-operators: The motivation of the entrepreneurial mode is satisfying outcomes of owning and operating one’s own truck.

Benefits Of Truck Driver Jobs In Canada

However, there is no doubt that trucking in Canada also has its good share of benefits:

  • Job security: Basically, as long as there are goods to be transported, then there will always be a need for these truckers.
  • Competitive pay: You can make a good amount of money dependent on experience and also type of services being offered.
  • Independence: The autonomy is one of the biggest benefits of the job according to many drivers since most of the time they are out in the field and do not receive much direct supervision.
  • Travel opportunities: Take a trip across the country (or even across the states of the USA and be paid for it at that).
  • Career advancement: Talented drivers can seek promotions and advance to management, training, or even the establishment of their own trucking companies.
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Requirements to Become a Truck Driver in Canada

Getting into the Canadian trucking industry is not an easy feat, but it is very much possible if one is willing to follow certain steps:

  1. Valid driver’s license: As a general requirement, the full G license (or provincial counterpart) will be required to begin the procedures.
  2. Commercial driver’s license: Every province can have any number of questions and the practical test is usually accompanied with the written one.
  3. Clean driving record: The nature of this business field is rather sensitive when it comes to safety measures.
  4. Physical fitness: You are required to undergo a medical test to show that one is capable of handling the job.
  5. Language skills: English or French is often expected from candidates, though other languages may also be acceptable depending on the job.
  6. Additional certifications: There are certain roles with additional requirements concerning the management of specific types of freight.

Truck Driver Salary In Canada

Trucker salary also depends on experience, location, and specialty in the same manner as in any other occupation. Nevertheless, let me give you an approximate idea of how it might look:

  • Entry-level positions: The average price per year is between $40,000 and $50,000.
  • Experienced drivers: The ranges of salaries that can be expected from essentials are between $60,000-$80,000 per year.
  • Specialized roles or owner-operators: More than $80,000 per year

Remember that most companies include non-salary incentives such as performance bonuses, benefits packages, and other incentives that can make the job attractive.

How to Find Truck Driving Jobs in Canada

Ready to start as a truck driver? Here is a step by step procedure on how to go about it:

  • Research companies: Search for the big trucking companies that have a tendency of hiring international drivers. They are likely to have the financial capacity to sponsor visas than young people in other age bracket categories.
  • Use job boards: Some of the websites include indeed, JobBank, and Trucking. com can often have positions that are stated as only for foreigners or for those who can drive a car.
  • Network: This can be achieved through spending time on social media platforms with groups and forums of truck drivers in Canada. The word-of-mouth can also provide good leads at times.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Many recruitment agencies specialize in placing truck drivers. These agencies can connect you with potential employers and guide you through the application process.
  • Contact trucking associations: Some organizations such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance possibly can point or have general information on sponsorship.
  • Be prepared: Ensure you have all your documents including, driving record, certifications, and experience that you may have. The more qualified the candidate is, they will be more desirable to any employer in the market.
  • Consider starting with a job in your home country: Some of the multinational sellers have their business establishment in several countries. If they start with them at home it could lead to them transferring to Canada.
  • Be patient: Searching for a job with visa sponsorship is not easy, meaning it takes some time, and one may have to go through several employers before they are sponsored for a visa. Success does not come at once; hence do not be disheartened if you do not get the desired result immediately.
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Keep in mind that, trucking is not merely as any other occupation – it is a way of life. Of course, it provides great opportunities and, at the same time, certain difficulties which may be interesting and beneficial for someone, therefore, it can be considered as a rather promising field.

So if you like to travel and would love to explore Canada from one end to the other, why not choose a career in trucking?


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