Recruitment Agencies In Australia For Foreigners

Considering the opportunity to take a job in Australia? Don’t worry, you are not alone – hundreds of thousands of skilled workers migrated to the Land of the kangaroos.

But let’s be real, looking for jobs in a new country may feel as if you are trying to tame crocodile with your bare hands with your eyes blindfolded. Well that is where recruitment agencies prove to be useful. These people could be your ally in the quest for the right employment opportunity in Australia.


In this article, we will look at how these agencies recruit workers, whether you can go to them if you are a foreigner, and which agencies are the best. We will also look at some options if you wish to go it alone; fewer options, but they are there.

Before this time, we had written on some of the best recruitment agencies in Canada. And in this post, we’d like to do the same. But first, let’s explore some of the ways recruitment agencies typically work.

What Recruitment Agencies Do

Just like when we go for dating, we have specialized people known as matchmakers to help us find the right person, so are recruitment agencies, but for employment. It links employers to workers they require, with impressive talents in those certain fields. These agencies understand every aspect of the employment market in Australia and possibly enjoy good business relations with many employers.


Do you know, when you go in for registration with recruitment agencies, what they want to know is; your skills and experience? And the type of job you are seeking? They will then use this to locate employment vacancies that suit you like a glove. When they find a good candidate they will assist with updating and editing your resume, assisting with interview preparation and even salary negotiations.

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The best part? In most cases it is free, or at the very least they have to spend a few cents. The companies interested in hiring the bill for the agency services are the ones that will be targeted.

Can I Trust Recruitment Agency To Find Me A Job In Australia As A Foreigner

There are some reasons why people are a bit skeptical about using a recruitment agency, especially when you are a foreigner. But actually, there are many great agencies in Australia and they can become strong allies in your search for a job.


Due to this, these agencies are very conversant with the prevailing employment opportunities in the local market. They comprehend Aussie employers’ expectations and can assist you on how best to market yourself. Also, they get to know vacancies that are not advertised to the general public in the market.

Nevertheless, one needs to be wise in his choices: more often than not, researching is half way to success. Search for agencies that have good feedback and have served other foreigners who are in search of employment. Do not hesitate to ask regarding their procedures and their percentage of success.

Just bear in mind that agencies can help to get the foot in the door however, getting the job is up to you . Their role is to help and/or accompany you, not to promise you a job upon completion of the program.

Best Recruitment Agencies In Australia

Australia has many recruitment agencies, but the following are the best ones catering for internationals. Here are a few worth checking out:

  1. Hays: Recruitment is something these people know so well and most probably they are involved in it somehow. It spans across many fields and has a special scheme for a skilled migration.
  2. Robert Half: They are focused on finance, accounting, and technology industries and are well known to help the internationals effectively.
  3. Michael Page: Still another universal agency that conducts much of its business locally in Australia. They are perfect for those places for managers and requesting specialists in specific departments or positions.
  4. Adecco: These guys are specialists in offering individuals employment agencies for temp jobs, which may offer an effective channel to standard employment.
  5. Randstad: They have offices in most parts of Australia and they act as the first choice for most international candidates.
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These agencies are all different from one another and each has their own specialties so it probably will not hurt to look at a few of them and see which one is right for you.

Best Alternatives To Recruitment Agencies In Australia

Recruitment agencies can be really useful indeed, nevertheless, finding a job in Australia is not limited to engaging those. Here are some other options that you can consider.

  • LinkedIn: This is a professional social networking site that is very popular in this region especially Australia. It is popular for many companies to advertise their job vacancies here and you can directly apply for your preferred job.
  • SEEK and Indeed: These are some of the largest Australian job search websites. They contain pages of listings in various fields of specialization.
  • Industry-specific job boards: There can be industry specific portals too in some cases, depending on the domain that you are working in. For instance, if you are in the tech niche, there are websites such as Whirlpool Forums.
  • Company websites: It is also common in many large companies to have a Career section of their website or at least a Careers page. If there is a particular company you are interested in, watch that company’s website.
  • Networking events: When you are in Australia, you should attend sector meetings and other events where people like you are found. One can be introduced to an opportunity through someone in that field and without the use of the internet, the said job may not be advertised.
  • University career services: Indeed, Australian uni career services are another source of jobs and information about them that any student should visit.
  • Professional associations: If you engage any association linked to your area of specialization, they can connect you to available job portals and contacts.
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Finding a job when you’re in a new country may be stressful, but there is hope for you. So as i have said, with the right attitude and some amount of determination you are on the first steps to creating an interesting working life in this country. Good luck!


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